We offer a comprehensive Detailing service, that will help restore and refresh the investment cars we buy, working down to the smallest of details.

The interior, body, wheels, mats, pedals, buttons, engine bay, trunk, headlights and doors are cleaned. The body is polished and provided with a protective coat. The interior is chemically cleaned. Removing smell, stains and dirt on the car. With this service, it will bring the car back to pristine condition, ensureing you get the best vesion of your car to enjoy!



With this service, you will be able to give your car the look you want. There is no limitation to what we can offer you, such as the addition of new accessories and features for the exterior and interior, bodykits and stickers, brake covers, trunk lip spoilers, LED lights, mirror cover, radiator grille and diffuser.


Vinyl vehicle wrapping or protective film

Would you like to change the color of your car? Or would you like to preserve the factory paint Then, contact us!

Painting the body of the car is both an expensive and difficult process and complicated. Considering that changing the car color effects the value of the car. Vinyl vehicle wrapping is a great option to both protects the car body and retains its appearance under the protective layer.. Even after years, you can remove the vinyl at any time and return it to its original color.