Customer Reviews

Tetsuya Kubo

I'm grateful to you. Today I went to register my new car and it was completed successfully. Thanks to all the documents prepared, it was easy to finish ♪ My wife also likes it a lot and says it's big but easy to drive. Thank you very much.

Hitoshi Somekawa

The car was in very good condition and clean, so I am grateful that I was able to make a really good purchase.  I highly recommend it.

Teppei Kawase

I am very satisfied with the polite and kind response!There were many things I didn't understand in my first car, but he explained the details in an easy-to-understand manner!The service was also very good! thank you very much! !!

Yasuda Megumi

Thank you for your help. Thank you for purchasing it at a very low price. This shop is definitely recommended for those who are considering purchasing BMW. The shop staff is kind and polite, and I have only one word of gratitude. We will continue to support the development of the store. Thank you for your continued support.

Yuta Amano

We also had a consultation after delivery.The car is also in good shape.

Daigo Nagase

Thank you very much for your polite and prompt response from quotation to delivery.We were able to respond politely to detailed exchanges by email.In addition, despite the long-distance delivery, we are very satisfied with the response and price.I'm really thankful to you.

Yutaka Shimazaki

From the offer to the delivery of the car, I felt safely. The communication was kind and grateful. I would like to ask you again next time. The car is in very good condition.

Takumi Kondo

EFJ was very kind to me. In addition, they are reliable people and you can consult with them about your next car.

Enrico Estanislao

Thanks to the company "Export From Japan", I was able to buy my dream BMW car at the most affordable price. Working with you was the right decision. Thank you EFJ for my beautiful ride!