If you're considering buying pre-owned cars from Japan, you might be wondering why their mileage is so low compared to other markets. The answer is simple: Japanese drivers know the value of maintaining low mileage and regular servicing to preserve their cars' value. And as a potential buyer, that's great news for you.

But it's not just about reducing wear and tear. The high costs of driving in Japan also play a significant role. Fuel prices in Japan are 40% higher than in the United States, and most highways are toll roads, which can make long trips prohibitively expensive. Plus, paid parking is often the only option on Japanese streets, and illegal parking can result in hefty penalties.

Moreover, Japan has a fast and convenient public transport system that is often the preferred choice for many Japanese, especially in large cities where traffic jams are common during peak hours. With air conditioning and heating systems on almost all buses and trains, and high-speed Shinkansen trains covering long distances in just a few hours, it's no wonder that public transport is more appealing than driving.

For example, let's say we travel from Tokyo to Nagoya. Taking the Shinkansen costs $100 and takes only 3 hours. But driving takes longer and costs more, with 10 hours on the road, $365 in expenses, and significantly more wear and tear on the car.

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