But for you guys – who wish to import this car overseas – it is important to have fully maintained car so let's give you brief information about what we have done with this car.

  • Body kit was repaired and painted. Front spoiler was painted to black.
  • Wheels were cleared inside and outside and painted to gloss black.
  • Engine rocker cover was painted to red.
  • Overall body was polished and coated.
  • We used only original genuine Nissan parts and HKS timing belt
  • Engine oil we used – Motul Nismo Oil 10-W60
  • New Engine oil filter
  • New Timing belt tensioner
  • New rocker cover gaskets on both side
  • New hose air inlet
  • And several hoses at engine bay.

Please enjoy watching this video. Comment, like and share. If you like, next time we plan to transform other cars and to share with you the ultimate secrets of Nissan’s mechanic who has 30 years of experience.