Owning a JDM sports car during your deployment in Japan is an experience unlike any other. Not only does it allow you to experience the local culture and traditions while cruising around the country, but it's also a smart long-term investment that can yield a good financial return when taken back to the US. Luckily, financing a JDM car in Japan as a military personnel is easy, with lower interest rates and generous finance options offered by US federal banks. What's more, US military personnel are eligible to have their car shipped back to the US for free!
EFJ Co., LTD is a leader in the JDM automotive industry, offering the largest inventory of Japanese sports and classic cars. We provide a range of complementary services, including custom searches for rare JDM cars throughout Japan, direct participation in Japanese auctions through our web portal, and free access to sales and price statistics of all JDM cars sold throughout Japan. Our services also include inland (Japan) vehicle transportation, indoor and outdoor vehicle storage facilities, maintenance, tuning and vehicle modification, JCI (Shaken) automobile inspection registration, and export and import services through our New York branch in the US.

We regularly deliver JDM sports cars to the US military personnel stationed in Misawa Air Base, Yokota Air Base, Atsugi Air Base, Yokosuka Naval Base, Iwakuni Base, Sasebo Naval Base, Kadena Air Base, and Futenma Air Base. 

At EFJ Co., LTD, we make it easy for US military personnel to buy a JDM car in Japan. We will guide you through the entire process, from selecting a car to processing funds, maintenance, upgrades, shaken, JCI, registration, and delivery of the car directly to your base. We even provide storage and shipping of the car back to the US for you. We have delivered cars to members at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Yokota Air Force base, Yokosuka Naval base, and more. Contact us today with any questions or inquiries about our vehicles and services, or visit our online vehicle inventory to check out our available JDM cars for sale.