How to Buy and Order Cars From Us?

Have you been scrolling through the photos of cars available at the ? Which one is your dream car? Let us know your choice!

We are aiming and we are most updated source of high quality cars from Japan. All the cars you see in our web page well chosen and checked cars. We collect and provide you with maximum information about each car. But if you need more information - you can always ask us for it.

After having more information and understanding that, the car meets your requirements, you can take the next steps to complete your order.

Next step is deposit. 10% of estimated value of the cars is enough to reserve the car. The deposit amount helps ensure against unexpected refusals or order cancellations. You can do a wire transfer or instant Paypal transfer. Just be sure the payment to arrive at least 24 hours before the auction. Most wire transfers take 2 to 3 days, here is bank account details

If someone else bids higher than you do, your car is not purchased at the auction. If you don’t want to bid on another car, your deposit is refunded.


What is the next step?

Once your car has been purchased at auction, please send us your full name, address, and contact information to issue an invoice and register the vehicle in your name. 

Once vehicle purchased outstanding balance must be transferred within 3 working days by bank transfer.

Each payment is directly connected to the exact car you request using its unique identification number (VIN number.)
Once your bid is successful at auction, the car is registered in the same name as the person who sent the payment. 
So, your transaction is secure as you officially purchase the car in your name.

After the full amount is paid, we will arrange delivery to the port, prepare export documents and send you series of photos of your car. So you can show everyone how beautiful your new car is!

Once export certificate and BL are ready, the originals are mailed to you by EMS, Fedex or DHL

Ownership certificate

Which Countries Can You Export Cars to From Japan?

US's Import regulations

Motor vehicles over 25 years old can be lawfully imported into the United States. You can export your vehicle to the United States to the closest port in:

  • New York
  • Florida
  • Los Angeles
  • Texas

Importing RHD cars is allowed in:

  • Canada – through the ports in Halifax, Toronto, or Vancouver
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Poland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Estonia
  • Northern Cyprus
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Caribbean islands
  • Saint Martin
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

For some countries inspections are mandatory. JEVIC inspection is an authentic and reliable Government entity that issues odometer inspection certificates.

Each vehicle is evaluated for odometer tampering verifying the genuineness of the mileage and the general condition of the vehicle. We arrange all these inspections.

South Africa, Kenya

Kenya and South Africa also require inspections and have some restrictions. Kenya prohibits importing vehicles more than 8 years old. Our representative in Africa can arrange all customs and registration procedures.

Other Countries

Each country has different rules concerning the year of manufacture or the possibility of importing used cars. Before placing your order, please check the customs duties and restrictions with your local government. 

If you still have any questions about the process of buying a a car from EFJ, please contact us. Our team of experts is available to walk you through the process to get you on the road in no time!

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